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Wicked Faux Pas

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Mocking the marysues of Wicked.
Have you ever caught yourself reading wicked fanfic that was so fantastically awful that the ulcer in your stomach bled that wonderfully verdant color?
Here is the place you can share your tales of horror and add in your own commentary. RPF is welcome as well because God knows... there is some true bad!fic out there.

Your friendly neighborhood mods are:
Founder: imperfekt10ce
Co-mod and fellow mocker of fics: fl0rida

If you join this community you agree to leave all pretenses at the door. ALL fic is mockable. If you join it is a possibility that your fic might show up here. No one is immune. If one of the mods writes crap and it shows up here then fine, we suck it up and deal.

1. Be respectful. We realize that may seem like an oxymoron but it holds true. If it's your fic being mocked... please have the good sense to refrain from reading and/or commenting harshly. Respectful disrespect if you catch my drift.

2. Now... with all this warning any rude or overly harsh commenting/flaming will be dealt with using the three strike system. After the third strike it will result in expulsion from the community.

3. Please follow posting rules as it makes things easier to find and put into memory. Formatting follows below.

When posting please follow this format.

Title of fic:
Fandom (wicked-verse)(RPF):

Please place whatever amount of the fic you choose with your commentary under a cut. Please highlight your commentary in bold as it makes life easier for the readers.

Also, all posts must be friends locked.

If you need any help with cuts or further explanation of the formatting please feel free to contact one of the mods. We don't bite... usually. ;)

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